ColonBroom – How it works, Dosage, Side Effects & Final Verdict

ColonBroom is part of the Lithuanian company Max Nutrition UAB, run by its director Vaida Zukauskaite. After adding to the US, the brand has gained a lot of attention for its products, but also for its smart marketing.

ColonBroom simplifies things with one of its products. It is a powder-based on psyllium peel, which mixes easily with water and tastes like your favorite baby drink – in addition to being sugar-free and made from natural ingredients, color, and taste.

Who can take ColonBroom?

The supplement, which is used to improve regularity and weight loss, is entire of natural and herbal origin. It is, therefore, a very good choice for those who want to start a healthier lifestyle or reduce constipation. But don’t give ColonBroom kids; is for adults only.

What are the benefits of ColonBroom?

The main purpose of ColonBroom is to back up waste in your colon. Like its namesake, it penetrates the large intestine and releases what is there, helping to relieve constipation. Relief brings more benefits than you think, but at the core, you need to feel lighter and have regular stools.

Less waste inside your colon means a much healthier gut and you can experience much better overall digestion. It will make you feel more positive and extra livelier.

One of the most common benefits users experience when using ColonBroom is the weight loss which can come in the shape of less inflammation of the stomach or those of the fibrous foods which can increase your body metabolism and burn fat!

How does ColonBroom work?

Adding ColonBroom to your daily routine starts with a quiz. When done, you will know if it is good for you, then wait about 2-4 business days before you receive the mail.

By consuming the supplement regularly, more fiber can help you defecate more often and comfortably, which can help you lose weight, feel lighter and improve your mood.

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What are the ingredients of ColonBroom?

The most important ingredient in ColonBroom is psyllium. This superstar fibrous material comes from seed husks and is often used as a natural digestive and laxative, due to its natural cleansing power. The add-in also contains the following components:

  • Natural taste
  • Citric acid
  • Stevia leaf extract
  • Crystallized lemon
  • Fruit and vegetable juices
  • Sea salt
  • Rice husks

How to use and dosage?

The brand normally suggests beginning with the 1 dose daily. For daily use, take a 5.6-gram teaspoon and gently mix it through 8 fl oz of the freshwater.

Stir it and then drink. Once the body gets adjusted, you can eventually take the ColonBroom up to 2 times per day, just remember to consume it 1 hour before a meal or 30 minutes after. Do not take it at bedtime.

What are the common ColonBroom Side Effects?

Over the maximum part psyllium husk and the rest of the ColonBroom ingredients never cause various many problems such as past excess gas or stomach cramps. It is a common part of dietary fiber treatment and with regular use, these symptoms disappear.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, diagnosed with a medical condition, or have a digestive disease, be sure to consult your doctor before using ColonBroom. Stop using and contact your doctor if you have difficulty swallowing, stomach pain, nausea, or vomiting.

When mixed with water, ColonBroom forms a gel-like substance that can be difficult for some to swallow. It is important to stir in a lot of water and then drink more to avoid interference.

Anyone who is sensitive to psyllium or strawberries may experience the effects of ColonBroom or an allergic reaction if taken. Discontinue use immediately if you experience nose or eye irritation, shortness of breath, or itchy skin.

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How much ColonBroom should I drink per day?

Because consuming too much fiberglass can cause excessive flatulence, inflammation, and discomfort, the brand recommends drinking ColonBroom only 1-2 times a day.

If you are just starting out, there is only one serving a day for the first 5 days. If everything is OK, increase the dose twice a day. Pay attention to the reaction of your body!

Should I take ColonBroom with food?

You can take ColonBroom before or after a meal. If you want to remove it in advance, be sure to do so at least 1 hour in advance. You can take the supplement 30 minutes after a meal.

What is the pricing plan?

  • 1 bottle $ 62
  • 3 bottles $ 31 / bottle
  • 6 bottles $ 24 / bottle

Each bottle has a monthly delivery and if you decide to subscribe, you can save up to 65%.


If you’ve been stuck for the last few days, you know the inconveniences and find anything that can help you. Sometimes you just need to stay away from the laxatives due to the worst pain and lack of a much better phrase the certain violent evacuation that yet comes with it.

ColonBroom is a plant-based and natural way to feel better and can even help you lose weight. Side effects are rare, but your doctor can help alleviate any concerns by choosing the right product for you.

Take 1-2 times a day, drink lightly and work for 12 hours. If you buy ColonBroom in bulk and with a subscription, you will pay less than $ 0.50 for the service. If you’re relieved by constipation, weight loss, happiness, and more energetic voices, why on earth would you stop $ 0.50?

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