Urus: Is this an Effective and Safe Natural Weight Loss Capsules?

We always find it interesting that many supplements or diet pills for weight loss work for everyone. The bodies of men and women are very different, so why isn’t there a weight loss pill that can help each sex in its way? URUS understood that men and women have different needs, but does their weight loss pill work?

What is this weight loss capsule all about?

The first thing we learned about URUS Weight Loss Pills is that they use a secret formula. Many companies hide their ingredients to protect their products, but this is usually a red flag regarding supplements and weight loss products.

This means that we can see what ingredients are in the product, but we can’t see how much of each ingredient is in it.

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What ingredients are part of this weight loss formula?

Peppermint, rhaponticum carthamoides, laminaria sugary, hibiscus, lactose, horsetail, buckthorn, beans, corn silk, dandelion, and birch lead are all in URUS – Weight Loss Pills. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these ingredients to see if they can help you lose weight.

·         Birch leaf

The birch leaf is the most exciting part of this mix. It’s also known as olive lead, and while it doesn’t cause weight loss directly, it can help a lot with losing those extra pounds.

Birch lead can help you keep your blood sugar at a healthy level. It helps you lose weight by making your body need less insulin. This means that your body stores less fat.

·         Peppermint

Most likely, peppermint will help reduce bloating and improve digestion, making it easier for your body to take the pill. Again, there is no direct link between this and weight loss, but it is still good for you.

·         Corn silk and rhaponticum carthamoides

It’s not clear how to use corn silk and rhaponticum carthamoides. Both haven’t been studied very well, and there aren’t many studies on people that show they work.

People think they help build muscle and lean mass, but they also make you pee, which means they can be dangerous. If you decide to take this supplement, make sure you drink enough water.

Oh, and the same goes for using dandelion, which seems only to be used to make you urinate more often, which could make you look thinner but can also make you more likely to get dehydrated.

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·         Laminaria Sugary

This kind of seaweed has a lot of Fucoxanthin in it. This stuff is what helps you lose weight. Fucoxanthin has been studied a lot, but the problem is that there are just as many studies that say it helps as there are that say it doesn’t.

This means it’s not a sure thing to help you lose weight, even though it might.

·         Hibiscus

Another ingredient with mixed reviews is hibiscus. Some people say that this flower can work as a carb inhibitor. This would mean that it can make you eat fewer calories from carbs, which would help you lose weight. The problem is that this claim isn’t back up by much research. But it is best to lower blood pressure, so if anything, it can help in this way.


The list of URUS Weight Loss Pills’ ingredients is not very clear. There are a few ingredients, but they aren’t many. These ingredients seem to have some fat-burning potential, but they aren’t backing up by science.

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So you can’t put your faith in these ingredients. Otherwise, we have a list of things that reduce inflammation. We think this is to help your body absorb the pill, but why are so many different ingredients that do the same thing?

After looking at what’s in this combination, we’re left with more questions than answers. Since the proprietary blend entirely hides the dosage, it’s hard for us to recommend this weight loss supplement to anyone.

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